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DVG Golden Pear Fruit Bev Mix

SALE: DaVinci Golden Pear Fruit Mix

790.00 652.00
Made with a rich pulp of Asian golden pear to deliver a juicy and delicate sweetness with gritty texture of a fresh Asian pear. EXPIRATION DATE: February 23, 2021
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DVG Grapefruit

SALE: DaVinci Grapefruit Fruit Mix (Buy 1 Take 1)

1,580.00 790.00
Inspired by the grapefruit harvested at the peak of summer with hot days and warm nights on the islands of Barbados resulting in balanced citrus and sweet grapefruit fruit mix. EXPIRATION DATE: December 7, 2020
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DVG Mixed Berry Fruit Mix

SALE: DaVinci Mix Berries Fruit Mix

790.00 583.00
A synergistic blend of 4 berries: blackcurrant, blueberry, strawberry and raspberry. These berries are carefully blended together to deliver a well-rounded profile of different berries— sweet and light blackcurrant balanced with blueberry top notes with a refreshing finish of raspberry in the end. EXPIRATION DATE: January 21, 2021
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DVG Strawberry Fruit Bev Mix

SALE: DaVinci Strawberry Fruit Mix

790.00 721.00
Crafted using real hand picked European strawberry pulp to deliver the right balance of sweet, tart and juicy notes of fresh strawberry. EXPIRATION DATE: April 19, 2021
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