Coffee Appreciation

Gift bundles for your coffee-loving loved ones


Gift bundles for your coffee-loving loved ones

‘Tis the season for drinks that make you oh-so merry! So share the love with your family and friends who are also avid coffee-drinkers by gifting them with a coffee kit. It’s a super exciting gift that even the sender would be so excited to unwrap and unbox ????.

Here are Christmas gift ideas for coffee lovers. Read on! 

For the self-taught home barista 

Seeing Instagram stories and Facebook posts of friends sharing their coffee-making nook at home? Some may have recently purchased an espresso machine, a capsule machine, or drip coffee equipment.

If they have been sharing various concoctions from their home cafe, chances are they regularly use flavored syrups and sauces to come up with different lattes, frappes, blended smoothies, and the list goes on. 

For quality flavored syrups, check out DaVinci Gourmet’s flavored syrups. If your loved one likes classic concoctions, you can gift them with classic vanilla, caramel, and sugar. But if they are into the nuttier flavor profiles, you can gift them with roasted almond, hazelnut, and macadamia nut. For more adventurous home baristas, you can gift them with fruity (blueberry, strawberry, pomegranate, European strawberry, lemon, peach garden, kiwi) or herby syrups (mint, lavender, lemongrass). 

For the sauces that are irresistible drizzles, DaVinci Gourmet also has quality flavored sauces! Pick from the six yummy flavors of caramel, white chocolate, salted caramel, Madagascar vanilla bean, butterscotch, and chocolate.

A home barista will also appreciate it if you can gift them a replenishment of their coffee bean stash! Check out Essse Caffe’s Selezione Speciale Coffee Beans, which is a high-quality blend of selected Arabica and Robusta beans for a smooth espresso shot. It has a well-balanced, full-bodied flavor, and a pleasant, multi-faceted aftertaste. Perfect for any kind of drink or concoction! 

If your loved one enjoys coffee but needs a decaf version, you can give them Essse Caffe Decaffeinato, which has a delicate taste and can be used in Moka pots and coffee machines. 

To summarize, here are the goodies that a home barista would love to receive:

  • DaVinci Flavored Syrups
  • DaVinci Flavored Sauces
  • Essse Cafe Coffee Beans or
  • Essse Cafe Capsules
  • Handy milk frother

For the on-the-go hustler from home 

The on-the-go coffee lover who we see making a coffee run in the morning before going to work pre-pandemic times may be the same coffee lover who wants to enjoy a morning coffee before starting a workday from home. They need the most convenient coffee machine, and you can gift them with the Essse Cafe S.12 Capsule Espresso Machine

Designed by Giugiaro Design (designer of Lamborghini and Ferrari), the S.12 machine has a light and modern shape, and its small size means it can be placed anywhere in your kitchen or home office. In terms of taste results, the technology of this capsule machine meets all the essential guidelines to improve coffee extraction. It is user-friendly so that anyone at any time can prepare an excellent Italian Espresso, which can be used to make any kind of drink. It’s fast, fuss-free, and convenient. 

To summarize, here are the goodies that an on-the-go coffee lover would love to receive:

  • Essse Cafe S.12 Capsule Espresso Machine
  • Essse Cafe Capsules
  • Handy milk frother
  • 1L fresh milk tetra packs
  • Portable tumblers or coffee mugs

Want a machine with free 50 Essse Cafe Capsules? Checkout via the website.

For the iced beverage and frappe lover 

For the milk tea or blended beverage lover who dreams to someday put up an online cafe, Blu Coffee offers two packages that will surely make you their ultimate Santa this Christmas!

Help your family member or your friend to take one step closer towards their dream cafe by getting them a Blu Coffee Milk Tea Hometrepreneur Business Package which has everything they need to start their online cafe!

The package already includes ingredients such as Assam Black Tea, Tapioca Pearl, Davinci Gourmet Butterscotch Sauce, Davinci Gourmet Salted Caramel Sauce, Davinci Gourmet English Toffee Syrup, and Davinci Gourmet Frappease Powder. It also includes necessary tools and packaging materials! Such as a measuring cup, a shot glass, and a 4 liter pitcher, plus 100 pcs 16 oz plastic cups, 100 pcs flat lids, 100 pcs individually wrapped straws, and 100 pcs sticker labels.

The list does not end there. The Milk Tea Hometrepreneur Business Package also offers online training, costing guide per flavor, beverage recipes, sample investments, marketing support, and tips on operating a milk tea business. Blu Coffee provides a superb B2B aftersales service, so if your package recipient needs an additional Santa Claus as a coach, Blu Coffee is here for them!

For the Italian culture lover

Is your family dreaming of going to Italy after the pandemic? You can let them enjoy Italian coffee first! Get an S.12 capsule machine and enjoy 50 free coffee pods! The coffee pods have various choices in terms of aroma, body, persistence, acidity, roasting levels. 

The Esse Caffè S.12 Capsule Machine and its pods allow you to enjoy great quality and authentic Italian espresso. Essse Caffè is an Italian family-owned business that is based, of course, in Italy.  To maintain the superb quality of their coffee, they have incorporated scientific research and support on the business, including that of the Departments of Agricultural Science of the Universities of Bologna, Cesena, and Foggia, a collaboration that continues to this day. On top of these, they were also certified by the National Institute of Italian Espresso in 1998, which authenticates their products as genuine Italian espresso. So it’s like getting a taste of the great Italian tour! 

The coffee pods have various choices in terms of aroma, body, persistence, acidity, roasting levels. With our website-exclusive bundle, your lucky gift recipient will get to try them all!

  • Maestoso – A blend of Arabica and Robusta. Highly creamy, balanced bitter and sweet taste. Trace of chocolate and notes of vanilla and spices
  • Infinito – Another blend of Arabica and Robusta, but with a well-rounded flavor with persistent after taste. It also has notes of chocolate and spices.
  • Barocco – A blend of selected Robusta beans, rounded out by a little touch of Arabica. Intense aroma, with notes of toasted bread. Dense texture and creamy. Results in a strong coffee.
  • Arabesco – A blend of refined Arabica coffee that highlights its tart characteristics. It has notes of fruits and flowers, with delicate grain aftertaste. It’s full-bodied, sweet and pleasant.
  • Valzer – A blend of refined Arabica and Robusta that combines delicate and tart characteristics. Pleasant aftertaste.
  • Ideale – Special blend of refined Arabica, prestigious Robusta, and decaffeinated coffees. This gives the espresso half caffeine, but 100% of full-bodied taste. Can be enjoyed any hour of the day.
  • Decaffeinato – De-waxed blend of Arabica and Robusta decaffeinated coffees to bring out the aroma, acidity and persistence. Pleasant and delicate to taste.

For your family and loved ones

This holiday season is the perfect moment for you and your loved ones to enjoy a warm cup of coffee with the sweetness of coffee syrups. In the spirit of Christmas, Surprise them with this limited Holiday Bundle from Blu!

Packed with your coffee favorites, brew delicious coffee with our Holiday Coffee Blend, a mix of 40% Arabica and 60% Robusta blend to provide a bold, yet aromatic coffee taste, and top it off with flavors using DaVinci Gourmet’s Shortbread Cookie syrup, English Toffee syrups and Salted Caramel Sauce for a sweet touch.

Included in this kit are:

  • 1x 200g Blu Holiday Coffee Beans
  • 1x 100g DVG Cheesecap Powder
  • 1x 100g DVG Bellagio Chocolate Powder
  • 1x 120ml DVG Shortbread Cookies Syrup
  • 1x 120ml DVG English Toffee Syrup
  • 1x 120ml DVG Salted Caramel Sauce
  • 1x Blu Holiday Gift Tag and Bag

So what are you waiting for? Head on to our Lazada, Shopee or e-commerce page and add to cart! You may check out this Christmas sale for huge discounts. Merry Christmas!