Caution: Hot Summer Ahead! (AKA Iced Coffee Season)

Iced Coffee

Caution: Hot Summer Ahead! (AKA Iced Coffee Season)

Iced, iced coffee!

It’s (almost) summer in the Philippines! What summer habits do you do to keep yourself cool? Coffee lovers would know it’s still gonna be coffee (duh!) but iced cold!

When it comes to chilled drinks and cold desserts, we’ve got you! Help yourself (and your customers) cool down with iced coffee indulgence! Discover a new favorite cold drink (and dessert). Read on!


Amazing origins: Italy

This cafe staple is a great choice for ice cream/gelato lovers AND espresso lovers. Literally means “drowned”, just scoop your favorite vanilla ice cream and drown it with espresso. Whether you scoop one or two–we know you love ice cream, no judgment–it’s always delicious. Your shot of espresso slowly melts down the ice cream, giving you a creamy and balanced dessert!

Perfect for: After lunch or after dinner 

Affogato is traditionally served after lunch or after dinner in Italy. It’s a nice choice for people who love to drink coffee after their meal.


This fancy dessert is so easy, you need only two ingredients. Good news: it’s probably a staple in your fridge and coffee nook! You can also grab a tub of vanilla ice cream from the nearest convenience store or supermarket. 

  • 1 oz espresso
  • 1 scoop vanilla ice cream/gelato
  • Suggested add-on: Add sweet chocolate shavings or diced nuts of your choice! (Pistachio is recommended for its great nutty taste and bright green color!)

Pour the espresso on your ice cream. Best ratio would be 1:1. Serve it right away (or eat right away ????). Use a spoon to eat the ice cream, then drink the melted vanilla ice cream-espresso. 

DIY Coffee Ice Cream

Amazing origins:

From one ice cream dessert to another!! National Today cites that gelato and sorbet originated in 3000 BC. But in New York, Giovanni Basiolo successfully sold semi-frozen coffee and milk products (these are popular in Genoa). Moreover, coffee ice cream was introduced in parfaits in 1869; it wasn’t until 1919 that it appeared again, now in a cookbook!

Perfect for: After meal dessert… (or tbh, ice cream sounds great any time of day)

If you haven’t tried making your own ice cream at home, it’s probably time you do so. Not only can you customize it so specifically according to your taste, but the fun after making it is just so satisfying! On top of that, you won’t need an ice cream maker or churner at all. Here’s how to make a no-churn coffee ice cream that’s so delicious you’ll keep making it for more!


  • Espresso (number of shots depends on your taste)
  • 1 can condensed milk 
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • Pinch of fine salt
  • 2 cups chilled heavy cream 


  • Chilled mixing bowl
  • Chilled whisk (or use your mixer if you don’t want to exercise your arm)
  • Chilled 9×5 loaf pan
  • Parchment paper 

The best ratio is 1 can (14oz) of condensed milk to 2 cups of chilled heavy cream. If you like a stronger vanilla flavor, use vanilla beans by scraping the seeds straight from the bean. But if not, just add vanilla extract. We put a pinch of salt to enhance the flavor; we’d love a sweet and balanced ice cream, not a salty one! 

Line the pan with parchment paper. Place the pan in the freezer so when you transfer the mixture, the chilled heavy cream stays cold. In your chilled bowl, mix together espresso, vanilla, condensed milk, and a pinch of salt. Put it in the fridge.

In another bowl, beat the heavy cream with your whisk until stiff peaks form (Or you can just use a hand mixer if you have one). When you see the stiff peaks, fold in the condensed milk mixture. You do not want to overmix it because the stiff peaks might disappear. Lastly, pour the mixture into your chilled loaf pan. Cover in plastic wrap then freeze it overnight. But depending on your freezer, freezing time can only take 6-7 hours! 

Ice Blended, Coffee Ice Cubes and other Iced Coffee 

Amazing origins: stories point back to 17th Century Vienna and a French beverage called “Mazagran”

From the very origins of coffee in Ethiopia to how different coffee variations evolved (like the previously mentioned frozen coffee), there’s a lot of stories to talk about. Bustle mentions two stories about where iced coffee came from: one is a story that dates back to 17th Century Vienna, and the other was an evolved version of Mazagran, a French beverage that consisted of lemon, espresso and ice.

Perfect for: Pair with snacks; convenient and fast preps (especially on a hot and stressful day!)

There is a long list of iced coffee concoctions. So for this blog, let’s talk about the easy and no-special-equipment-needed option…coffee ice cubes! These are perfect for busy work or school days. Not just that, but there’s no worrying about ice cubes watering down your drink. It’s a pick-me-up caffeine fix: the express way!


  • Coffee
  • Water 
  • Sweetener or any other syrup you prefer

Make your coffee (espresso or ground coffee), brew it as you would. Add sugar or your preferred syrup. Then pour this into ice cube trays and freeze overnight. 

To enjoy it the next day: Just remove it from the ice tray, add it into your fave glass, top with the milk of your choice (oat, almond or whole milk). You can also drizzle a DaVinci Gourmet sauce or syrup at this point! 

If you have more coffee cubes, you can store it in a freezer-safe container or bag then enjoy it whenever you like. So fast!

Cold Summer Nights

There are a lot more coffee-based/infused/inspired drinks and desserts you can enjoy to make your hot summer a little cooler! From coffee ref cakes to more slushies, the list seems endless. 

Make sure you keep yourself refreshed and relaxed! Try one (or more) of these cold drinks and desserts this summer and share with us your ✨iced, iced coffee ✨ experience!