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How to serve great customer service with every cup of coffee


How to serve great customer service with every cup of coffee

Remember the inner joy you felt when somebody (or a stranger) was nice to you. Were they able to turn your frown upside down? 

It is absolutely necessary that your baristas, as the faces of your coffee brand, serve warmth and friendliness with every cup of coffee they craft. 

After all, great coffee shop customer service starts with the full awareness that hospitality and politeness are not side tasks, but a practice that is imperative in the foodservice industry.  

It begins with the boss

Having a friendly ambiance in your cafe brings together the perfect, overall atmosphere of your business. As the boss, running a coffee shop with a sense of camaraderie is beneficial for both employees and customers.

Active communication with your staff/baristas encourages this. Maintaining an approachable attitude with the people you work with makes them feel comfortable in the workplace. 

And when you keep them happy in the environment they work in, they may just be encouraged to pay that forward! It’s gonna be a win-win-win for you, for them, and for the customers, in the long run.

No extra payment for friendliness

A nice barista is not an add-on that customers should pay for to get. 

This also applies to other industries and establishments that serve clients and customers. Good customer service is always a must, even if customers don’t pay extra. 

A basic rule that a barista can keep in mind is to make customers feel welcome from the moment they step in up to the time they leave the store premises. A simple “welcome!” and a friendly smile goes a long way. It may feel like there’s no need for emphasis, but unfortunately, some baristas tend to unconsciously miss it. 

Bonus, it may motivate people to drop tips in the jar, too.

Delightful random surprises

No need for show-stopping, grand gestures for each and every customer. 

The little things that our customers encounter in their day can have profound effects. So don’t forget that simple “have a nice day!” greeting that can loosen up a quick-paced busy day or brighten up a sad, depressing day.

But, if you’re feeling more generous, you can be extra! Throw in a little something in their coffee orders. These can range from offering them an extra shot for free if they’d like to, to even giving a free cookie or pastry to pair with their cup. More than cheering them up, this is also another way to introduce new products from your menu. 

It doesn’t have to be grand. Delightful random surprises make customers feel like they are special and valued, and that you’re glad they decided to grab a drink and a bite in your cafe.

Here are tips you can take note of

Here are some ideas to boost the customer service in your cafe. *Happy winking emoji*

  1. Post it-notes and great drink presentations!

Hand-written messages are the best, right? We can simplify that! Notes on a piece of paper saying “enjoy!” or “have a nice day!” can potentially brighten up someone’s face! Since you’re not just there to routinely prepare their order, but also to make sure they enjoy the coffee experience in your cafe. 

Some people appreciate beautiful presentations in their drinks too. Whether it’s being careful that the sprinkle of cinnamon does not get into where they handle the cup, to adding foam milk or whipped cream if they’re up to that. Make sure to froth the milk well to avoid weird textures. Both parties don’t like the inconvenience of having to prepare a replacement, after all!

  1.  Prevent trouble with the proper equipment

Make sure you have the appropriate equipment for your cafe’s needs! Proper planning, strategizing, and projecting can prevent inconveniences along the way. Avoid troubles for your baristas and prevent customer dissatisfaction due to broken machines. Efficiency of equipment ensures right preparation time for every customer’s order. Check out espresso machines 101 and how to start a cafe business to learn more! 

  1. Treat with kindness. Or even treat them with free stuff. 

From cookies and biscuits to free-of-charge whipped creams or extra shots, the list never ends. Simple kind gestures say a lot about your customer service. You want the best coffee experience for your customers. They’ll surely return for the overall quality of your coffee, cafe ambiance, and friendly service. 

  1. Complete your cafe vibe with the perfect playlist

Just like your menu, the playlist may need some curating too! 

When you create your cafe’s playlist, ensure that the music you play pairs well with the ambiance of your place. Many customers get to relax while sipping their coffee when the experience is accompanied by the cafe aroma, good ventilation and great music choices that suit the overall vibe!

  1. Suggest and recommend.

Whether a fellow coffee geek or new to adventuring with coffee, try to suggest new drinks or pairings! Describe the drink to them.

Good baristas know their coffee well. And they can encourage customers to try out the new coffee stuff, too! 

Not only will it widen their palate, but you get to share all that coffee-geekiness you have in you. Make them feel they’re in the right place to get their coffee because of a friendly coffee guru like you!

  1. Smile.

Nothing beats the classic genuine smile and a cheerful greeting. Your simple “Hello!” and “Have a nice day!”, as has been emphasized, can have genuinely nice effects on customers and baristas alike. Customer satisfaction can start with the smile you greet them with

And they can leave with the satisfaction you want them to have– great quality coffee and the best customer service. 

Shared stories (And the reason they return!)

The best cafe experience becomes stories that people share over conversations, or in social media! Customers return because they enjoyed not only the first drink they had, but also the overall experience. 

So, don’t forget to serve great customer service with the cup of coffee you craft today!

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