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Marketing must-haves that coffee shop owners might overlook


Marketing must-haves that coffee shop owners might overlook

Maybe you’re reading this article because you have Googled the question “how can I market my coffee?” Don’t worry, as long as you believe in the goal of your coffee business, you are already a step forward.

Take heart and read on!

  1. Build the foundation – your brand!

You already have a menu, curated through good research and exceptional coffee knowledge. But with the saturated market, where do you begin? Fret not, a saturated market does not necessarily mean that it is an impenetrable market. There may be a lot of cafes out there offering their own coffee and beverage, but remember that each establishment has its own offering, branding, and story.

If you haven’t thought of it yet, here’s a gentle reminder that you should first and foremost determine your unique selling proposition. Then lay out your brand story.

These two important pillars are the foundation of your brand. Depending on the target market, your menu, and the cost of your products, you can build a brand that resonates with the preferences of your customers. It’s also important that it resonates well with you.

You can start with a name, then a tagline. Then start sharing what you offer using the appropriate brand voice and brand personality that will converse well with your target market.

  1. Build an online community

Most people refer to online resources before making a decision on where to go, what to eat, and what to buy next. So make your online presence one of the priorities. Be brave and introduce your brand to the online platforms where foodies and coffee lovers virtually gather to share conversations about what they love to eat and drink!

As you create your pages on Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram, it’s important to also strategize the content that you will put out and don’t forget the call-to-action or CTA at the end of every content. This will direct your readers to try out your cafe or coffee products after seeing your content. On these platforms, you can also throw promotions. You can also maximize the pages for user-generated content by collecting feedback from your customers and reposting them as testimonials. You may also invite your followers to a Facebook group where they can share their experiences with fellow fans. This way, you can gradually build an online community that will not only purchase from you but will also advocate for your cafe and your coffee.

In addition, one of the most effective marketing strategies proved to be word of mouth. Posts of customer experiences on social media can even be considered as “free ads.” These may range from random tagged posts to photo albums with a written narrative and a recommendation. But more than the free marketing, though,  you’ve earned your customer’s appreciation. Who knows, your next customer may be a friend of theirs, or a friend of a friend… and so on.

  1. Highlight your non-coffee offerings

Have a Wi-fi? Flaunt it! The coffee shop experience is not complete without Wi-Fi and electrical outlets for those who spend bucks and hours to work all day at the cafe. There are actual people who decide on where to go by filtering their options according to the availability of Wi-Fi connections.

Does your cafe offer live acoustic performances? Spoken-word poetry? Other events? If these art or cultural shows make you stand out, always include them in your publicity materials. When people will see more value that may come with the coffee they will buy, they will be more likely to invite friends and loved ones with them to enjoy the experience.

  1. Reward your customers through loyalty programs

Customers are more likely to return if they earn rewards, so you may want to take this into consideration in planning for your marketing budget.

Loyalty programs are a promotion idea that helps you maintain valued customers as rewarding experiences help them remember you and your offerings. It doesn’t have to be so big and complicated. You can start by offering simple reward cards with stamps, promising a free upsize, a free topping, or a free drink after every Nth cup of coffee. This will easily attract regular coffee drinkers and cafe-goers.

You can also employ a more in-depth system where-in you can track the total amount of purchases for each returning customer, then give them free products as a surprise the next visit when they hit a certain amount. A surprise coffee shop giveaway is always fun to receive! 

  1. Maximize your physical space with on-premises ads

Make sure your signage is clear and can easily be seen! Coupled with a cool facade that can help customers to distinguish your cafe for what it is. Provide large windows if possible, where customers can see the indoor seats and al-fresco. Don’t forget the descriptive menu by the door! 

Inside the cafe, you may include product posters in nice frames or wall murals that speak about your brand story. Make it not too hard sell and aesthetically pleasing to the eye so as not to cause ad fatigue.

  1. Partner or collaborate with others

Do you have a favorite pastry brand? A favorite sandwich maker? A friend who designs merchandise like tumblers and mugs? Try to partner with them!

Both of the parties will highly benefit from these as both can feature their products on their respective social media platforms.

You can also explore the possibility of influencer marketing by collaborating with brand ambassadors. This makes your cafe business more personal and humanized. Always choose ambassadors who can represent your target market and help you build your credibility and reputation. Incentivize their followers with exclusive discounts when they avail your products and offerings!

  1. Find a quality, long term supplier

Before you market your coffee, make sure you use quality ingredients. Head on to our website’s shop to get your supplies for an irresistible cup of coffee your customers will never forget!

Now that you have a few ideas to answer the question “how can I market my coffee?” you are already another step forward! Just continue working on your brand and believing in your products. You’re on the right track!

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