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Easy tips to celebrate Valentine’s day in your cafe

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Whether it’s the month of love, or you want to say that love is alive every day, you can always make your cafe and products relevant to your customers. The key to it is to elevate the experience of your customers and relate it to the occasion you want to celebrate. In this case, let’s use Valentine’s Day! Here are super easy touches you can make to celebrate a special day in your cafe! 

Talk about it

Do you have social media accounts? Talk about it. Create content about how cafes are a place where most love stories begin, and how shared conversations over good coffee develop and strengthen relationships. Bring out the role of your product or cafe in the conversation on love, relationships, Valentines, and celebrations.

If you have plans for promotions in mind, you may also create content to tease about these special offers. With this, you can boost the awareness of your community so that they may consider choosing you in making their plans for their Valentine’s celebration.

Go beyond the 14th

Some couples strictly make it a point to celebrate on February 14, but there are others who like to celebrate earlier, or later as they commonly factor in the crowded places, the heavy traffic, and high demands for restaurant seats. Considering this, you can position your plans that can go beyond the 14th. After all, every day (February or not) is a day to celebrate love.

Rent a photo booth for Valentine’s Week

Elevate the experience of kilig and make it more memorable by renting a photo booth for the entire week preceding or succeeding Valentine’s Day. Let your customers take photos of themselves holding their drinks. Add fun by including love-themed props and backgrounds. This makes really cool user-generated content on your social media platforms as well!

Have a flash sale

Surprise your customers when they least expect it! Invite those who love spontaneity and promote discounts for your Valentine’s drinks or food offerings. 

Surprise coupons

Speaking of surprises, you may want to send surprise coupons to your lucky commenters or message senders via your social media platforms. Customers appreciate receiving discount coupons and this increases brand recall and affinity. Maybe take 14% off of your bestseller or offer free heart-shaped doughnuts to new customers. 

Add menu items

Adding Valentine menu items for your cafe can get a bit tricky, especially if the last thing you want is a cliche. Try adding themes to your February menu to make it more cohesive, catchy, and interesting.

For instance, you can curate a menu inspired by the most romantic destinations in the world. Or a set of valentine’s drinks inspired by the cheesiest romantic comedies. Don’t forget to make the names punny! It adds value to the whole experience.

To help you come up with new drinks, you may read our articles on developing new products or the comprehensive guide to DaVinci Gourmet sauces for more inspiration.

Level up ordinary items 

If you don’t have the time to plan for new items, you can just level up your existing ones. For example, instead of cutting your freshly-baked cookies into boring rounds, you may opt to choose a heart-shaped cutter. Another, you can add heart sprinkles on top of the whipped cream of your frappe beverages. 

PS. Celebrate a ‘Singles Day’

Don’t forget the single people! We all deserve to enjoy Valentine’s day. Best way to treat them? You can conduct an exciting giveaway, especially for them! And to add more customers, you can also skew it into something that can include their parents, siblings, friends, or “more than friends.”

Whatever you do to celebrate a fun occasion in your cafe, don’t forget to have fun and be creative. Just keep in mind that it all boils down to this: customers enjoy a great, memorable experience.

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