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Send Love to a Coffee Lover: How to make the best Valentine’s gift box for a coffee lover

Valentine's Gift Box

Send my love to a coffee lo-o-ver 🎶

Adele song pun, anyone? It’s not a time to let go, though. In fact, it’s the time to treat your significant other the best way possible! Sometimes, you love your significant other so much that you feel like one item wouldn’t really suffice.

“I give them chocolates even without any occasion.”

“Flowers wilt after a few days. So, I need something to add to make it more lasting.”

It’s hard to think of gift ideas for someone you love, especially when they have it all. (Including you. Because they have you!)

What do they like?

Fill the box with goodies that they will surely enjoy! Be thoughtful in personalizing the items. Plan ahead to avoid just getting a bunch of random items from a store near you. Where is the effort? Customize your gift boxes. These gift boxes can be filled with items inspired by their hobbies, or merchandise from their favorite movie or series, or even ordinary things made extraordinary because it spells your memories as a couple and who you both are as a couple. 

  • Mementos. Ordinary things can be as simple as mementos (like plane tickets) from when you first went on a trip together. Toss in a dried flower from the first bouquet you gave them (if you still have it). 
  • Prints. Print out their favorite memes in small bits of paper and scatter it all over the gift box! This can serve as the “confetti” too. Other than memes, you can also print out Valentine’s Day-themed cards with inside jokes you have. 
  • Old fashioned or techy? If you want an old-fashioned item in the box, you can include a cassette tape. Or a flash drive. But if you want a techier item, choose a printed QR code (because we live in 2022) that straightly directs to a URL of a playlist, a video you made, or any special digital material that will make them go kilig. You can record a voice message yourself. Tell them a joke if they like your sense of humor. Or you can sing to them even if you don’t like your own voice.
  • COFFEE. But since you’re here, we assume that you (or your significant other love coffee), why don’t we share Valentine’s gift box ideas that will scream “I LOVE YOU AND I CARE FOR YOU” while at the same time also invite “Let’s have a coffee date.” Your coffee-lover lover can’t get enough of more coffee and coffee-related supplies. Update their coffee-nook equipment and handy items! You can even gift an essential espresso machine like the S.12 Espresso Machine with FREE 50 Capsules. Include the classics too if they have an espresso machine already, such as S.12 coffee capsules and box of 10s coffee pods
  • Sweet touch. Add Valentine’s themed flavors too! It can be red velvet, DaVinci Gourmet Classic Strawberry Syrup, rose syrup, DaVinci Chocolate Sauce, DaVinci Gourmet Caramel Sauce, DaVinci Gourmet Classic Caramel Syrup and some heart-shaped sprinkles. Red, Chocolates, Flowers, Sweet. It doesn’t get any more Valentine’s than these Valentine’s-themed flavors! Check out an extensive coffee products and syrups list for you to choose from here!

Make a box or recycle an old one!

We love our special someone. And we also love Mother Nature! You can recycle an old box and use a wrapping paper that will best suit your loved one’s favorite–whether a favorite color or cartoon character, or cute prints and patterns. If you don’t have ready-made wrapping papers, old newspapers or manila papers work well too. Just make sure to personalize it using cute stickers they’ll like. Or if they prefer more simple and plain ones, go ahead and use plain designs or colors. Just make sure to put a little more effort in designing, which brings us to the next step…

Add ribbons and other embellishments!

We know… you’ve put in a lot of effort already! But why not put a little extra sprinkle of love by attaching ribbons or other embellishments like twine, stamps, or dried flowers. Make it pop!

Write a sweet note!

You can make one long letter or a short note. Let the words flow from your heart. The more the message comes from the heart, the happier you can make your significant other. You might make them cry though, so prepare a reliable hanky for those tears of joy!

If you’re not really a fan of “love letters”, you can stick little post-it notes on every item, like simple greetings!

How to actually surprise them

Have it delivered on their favorite time of day if you can’t deliver it personally (if it’s geographically difficult to meet). For the spouses, give it to them yourselves of course! No excuses! Here are more ideas for your surprise:

  • Treasure hunt. If you’re in the same location, you can go on an adventure by doing a treasure hunt! Leave clues that will tell where you hid the gift box. Make sure though that it’s safely and securely hidden. You don’t want to be surprised yourself if the gift box that you put in the maximum effort you can give is suddenly gone. And don’t put so many steps or clues! You don’t want the long hunt to be dragging to the point that it’s already exhausting. Keep the thrill alive!
  • Back of the car. Oh the classic rom-com style. Picnic at the back of the car or pick-up truck. Designed so cheesily that you can’t stop taking pictures of it. Then hand the gift box. Watch a horror or rom-com movie. After that date, surely it’s hard to top yourself for next year’s Valentine’s.
  • Make them coffee. Plain and simple, but not ordinary. Hand the cup of coffee with the gift box you made.

Maybe giving gift boxes on Valentine’s day is arguably not a very strict rule that every person in love needs to follow. But it does express a kind of love that speaks of how well you know them. And this kind of love language speaks of how well you know that these simple gifts can make them feel loved and appreciated.

The journey you both had, have and will have, will always be worth it. Now arrange that gift box!

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