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How to make a coffee corner at home (Coffee equipment and supplies must-haves)

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How to make a coffee corner at home (Coffee equipment and supplies must-haves)

Say goodbye to your 3-in-1 instant coffee sachets and say hello to your very own coffee corner!

Since the start of the pandemic, our workplaces and classrooms have found their way into our homes. While at it, why not grab the chance to bring an entire coffee shop home as well? Sounds impossible? It’s easier than you might think! This guide has everything you need to get you started with your coffee-from-home setup. 

Read on to begin your very own coffee corner project!


When a coffee cup is only one tap away, it doesn’t make much sense to invest in coffee equipment and supplies. For instant coffee drinkers, homebrewed coffee seems like the same coffee anyway. Why even bother with a coffee corner at home, you ask? Here we make a strong case for starting your coffee corner project.

1. Learn a new skill

It has become trendy these days to learn new skills while we’re stuck at home. Others invest in learning a second language or how to play a musical instrument. While at the cafe, have you ever wondered how baristas do it? Whatever goes on at the back of the cafe seems like magic to us mere mortals. Uncover its secrets by learning how to do it yourself!

2. Be a part of a community

The pandemic forced us to isolate ourselves from one another. We know it’s for our own sake but it does take a heavy toll on our mental well-being. Social media communities have sprung up to gather people with the same interests. There are groups for every hobby and interest out there — including coffee, of course! Spark a conversation with your coffee corner!

3. Cozy up your home

Since we’re at home all the time, people have focused their attention on every nook and cranny of their home. Viral posts often feature inspirations for bringing new life into our homes. A coffee corner will surely level up the interiors of your house. With the smell and sight of a coffee corner, your home will be a cozy, warm and charming space for you and your family. 


Location, location, location!

With limited indoor real estate, looking for the perfect spot for your coffee corner is going to be a challenge. You have to account for the coffee equipment and supplies that have to go on your coffee corner. An espresso machine will take up more space compared to a French press. You will also want your coffee corner to be in a place that is easily accessible, especially when making your morning cup of joe. 

Here are a few tips to help you nail down the perfect spot:

  1. No more space on the countertop? Get a shelf! A shelf takes up a small footprint while providing ample space for all your coffee equipment.
  1. The wall is your friend! Your wall can also serve as a place for your coffee nook. Wall-mounted shelves will do the trick.
  1. Take it literallyfind a corner! Corner shelves are widely available in the market. Use them to turn your lonely corner into a miniature cafe!
  1. Let there be light! A spot near a window is perfect for your coffee altar. Just imagine making coffee while the morning sun gently touches your face!

Survey your home and spot prime locations for your coffee corner!


A coffee corner is a testament to the homeowner’s love for coffee. No self-respecting coffee lover will settle on a bland and uninspired coffee nook. Spread your creative wings and shower some love on your coffee space! 

Below are some suggestions to get you going:

  1. Use jars! Be it for coffee beans, creamer, or even S12 capsules, make your coffee nook look neat and organized. Find the perfect jar to complement your overall aesthetic. Tip: Mason jars suit a homey-slash-vintage theme well.
  1. Save the bags! In addition to saving the environment, keeping coffee bags, especially those for single-origin beans, can help you make your coffee corner feel a little more special. Frame and hang them up on your wall—like trophies!
  1. Browse for inspirations on Pinterest and coffee-themed Facebook communities! People love to share their corner of coffee heaven. You can learn a lot from them.


Now that you have settled on a special place for your coffee corner, it’s time to gather all the necessary equipment! There are millions of ways to brew coffee – with each method requiring special equipment to do it properly. For someone just starting, it may seem overwhelming. To help you narrow down options, we listed down the most popular coffee home brewing methods below:

  1. Espresso machinehigh investment but worth definitely worth it
  2. S12 capsule machinefor those with fast-paced lifestyle
  3. Pourover – simple yet sophisticated
  4. Moka pot – espresso-like experience with a budget price tag
  5. French press – for your daily cup of joe

This goes without saying but to make coffee, you need coffee beans! Coffee beans are available in supermarkets, cafes, and local suppliers. Bean suppliers may offer you the option to have your beans ground. The grind level depends on what kind of brewing method you are going to use the beans for. If you prefer to make it exciting and switch from one brewing method to another, order whole beans and get your own grinder at home.


Congratulations, you made it this far! By now, you already have a better idea of how to start your coffee corner at home. Building your coffee sanctuary is your gateway to learning a new skill, being a part of a vibrant and enthusiastic community, and making your dwelling homier. Finding the perfect place for it requires patience and creativity on your part. However, gathering coffee equipment and supplies for your home cafe is another adventure of its own.

Take the first step in this adventure and head to our shop ( for your coffee corner needs!

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